Globalism.  Exactly what is globalism?  My definition of it goes something like this; the desire of the very elite to have a borderless world where all people share the same standard of living thus removing the catalyst for conflict due to the uneven distribution of wealth.  Of course, the elite would not be amongst the rest of us, they would continue to manipulate and orchestrate us as they deem necessary.  But don’t worry I am sure they would give us exactly what we deserve.  That they would indeed.

Globalism, or socialism, or communism all are equivalent.  This is a fantasy.  This will never peacefully happen.  Why?

Very simple: because people will never voluntarily accept lowering their lifestyle so that others can raise theirs.  Also, countries will never voluntarily surrender their natural resources to raise the world living standard.

The Davos summit to be held next week is nothing more than a charade so some world leaders and super elites can get together and cut some deals under the disguise of evening the playing field for developing countries.  They will sing “we are the world” and hold hands in a cume ba ya but in reality they are only trying to line their own pockets.

In America, we are awake now, Britain is awake as well.  In America, the percentage of people in the middle class has dropped to the lowest level since 1929.  We are done exporting our manufacturing jobs out of our country.

A simple message to all you politicians who try and sabotage President Trump’s plan before he even gets started; if you do this, you will hear a very loud message in the midterms, it will be the moving truck’s back-up alarm to load up your belongings.

Here at we support bringing manufacturing jobs back to America.  These jobs are the backbone of the middle class and the middle class is the heart of the American dream.