London terror; it has happened again.  I feel very sorry for the citizens of England, who now live in a constant state of apprehension.  Islamic terrorist have again taken the lives of innocent people.  People just like you and I who love their children, grandchildren, husbands, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends and significant others.  People just trying to live their lives in a civilized peaceful society.

How do you cope with people who are willing to commit suicide to kill as many innocent people as possible?  How do you battle a cause that has no regard for human life or civilization?  People all across the world must realize that Islamic extremism will stop at nothing until infidels have either been killed or have converted to Islam.  They will continue to kill your family members and themselves in the process until they have reached their goal.

This is a war.  This war has no rules because the extremist have no value for life.  They do not care about civilization.  You cannot appease them with negotiations or compromise; they see this as a weakness.  As you try and reason with them, they will smile and shoot you in the head.

The extremist prey on the compassion of the globalist as they immigrate at will to the various European countries.  One they are in, they can network with each other, buy supplies, and coordinate their attacks.  The best defense is to try your best to keep them out, because once they are in, then the citizens of the host country lose some of their privacy and rights in the name of fighting terrorism.

The left criticizes President Trump for his travel ban from some Muslim countries until a valid way to vet immigrants from these countries can be established.  I realize that no one wants to speak of this, but it is 100% accurate; that is that not all Muslims are terrorist, but nearly all people that have committed acts of terrorism are Muslim.  I am not an Islamophobe, I am a realist.

The United States must establish a reliable and trusted way to vet people from these countries or we are leaving ourselves vulnerable to exactly what is happening in Europe.

America, you must understand that these people do not care whose loved ones they kill, liberal or conservative.  Their mission is but to kill in the name of Allah, the more the better.