Ebony and Ivory

What is really sad is that the first African American President and First Lady have squandered their chance of improving race relations in this country.  Instead, they have done the exact opposite by driving an even bigger wedge between the races than there has been since the early 1960’s.

Neither Barack nor Michelle Obama suffered near what earlier African Americans suffered.  Yet, they proudly wear their animosity for the white race as a badge of honor.  At every opportunity they say divisive things that perpetuate the wall of prejudice that plagues our nation.

Is America where we ought to be regarding race relations?  No, but we are a lot further along from where we started.  We have done what many countries can never do; we have seen our errors and are trying to repair them.  Many countries have not taken the first step.  Read this about the “untouchables” in India https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/aug/15/india-caste-system-70-anniversary-independence-day-untouchables

Read this about the Chinese peasants that still live the way they did 40 years ago http://www.chinasmack.com/2014/stories/90-of-chinese-peasants-live-as-they-did-40-years-ago.html

How about the Congo in Africa where thousands are dying including women and children with no end in sight   http://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-13283212

This is a long list; where people live under persecution that we can’t even imagine.  You must understand that prejudice and bigotry is not just defined by the color of your skin, it runs deeper than that.  Again, we have made great strides from where we started. This is why it really disappoints me that our President has not built on the foundation his predecessors started for him.  Instead he has continually chipped away at it, cracking it, and weakened it in such a way that it will take generations to repair the damage.

But why?  Is he trying to improve the African American way of life in America?  His leadership has not helped in getting jobs nor increased their income.  It has not reduced black on black violence.  Does Obama really believe that if he does whatever he can to further divide the races that black Americans will come out on top?  No, he does not, and he is not doing what he is doing because he believes that either.

But why?  He is using and abusing you in trying to convince you that the Democratic Party has got your back.  Well do they?  Are you better off now than 8 years ago when he took office?  I know I’m not.  My message is very simple; don’t be used by any politician.  Do you really think that Obama cares about you because you are black?  Do you really believe Hillary is any better? No, all they are trying to do is make you think that way for your vote.

In November, please vote with your mind and intelligence and not your skin color.  We must move beyond this in America.