Distraction equals no action is a good description of what has been and what continues to happen in Washington D.C. since the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency. 

Personally I am sick and tired of hearing about what Russia allegedly did or did not do.  To date, there has been nothing uncovered that would indicate any collusion between Donald Trump and the Russians.  How many man-hours of work have been dedicated to the sole purpose of trying to find this connection?  These man-hours are being spent by top notch FBI investigators, not just anybody.  Enough is enough; it’s time to move on.

Meanwhile, Middle-class America is still suffering.  It seems as if neither the Democrats nor Republicans care about this.  All they want to do is continue the circus so they don’t have to do the job they are paid to do.

The Affordable Health Care Act is not so affordable anymore with premiums rising out of sight and more insurers pulling out of the marketplace.  What is being done about this?  Well the House finally passed something, just barely, and sent it to the Senate.  Upon arrival, the Senate said it would have to be heavily altered before it would pass.  Since then, we are worrying about Comey, who gives a crap about Comey and his stupid notes?  Hell, I take notes as well, but I can write anything down and it doesn’t mean it is the gospel.   Did President Trump initial Comey’s notes and agree to their accuracy?  What value do Comey’s notes have?  Nada, nothing, just another distraction to prevent real work from transpiring.

What about tax reform and bringing back manufacturing jobs to America?  We need jobs with benefits.  Congressmen, women and Senators and their staffs all have benefits, what about the millions and millions of Americans that don’t have anything?  Do you give a damn?  It does not appear that you do.  Oh, you will sit up there on T.V. and look so official and serious as you ask inane questions and get inane answers and at the end of the day the nation and Middle America is not one iota improved.

It appears to many of us that you politicians have forgotten your purpose.  Instead you are only concerned about what is important to you and not the people you represent.  You get in office and soak up wealthy contributor’s money and leave us to fend for ourselves.  We are tired of this and this is why Donald Trump is President.

We need a realistic third party in this country so at least the corruption would be even more diluted to the point that we may actually get people in office that want to help America rather than line their pockets and pursue snipes in the bushes.