James Comey for sale.  You pay and tell me what to say.  One has to wonder how much Obama, The DNC, and the Clinton Foundation is paying Comey.  I forgot to mention John McCain he probably also wrote a check.

I wonder if James Comey all of a sudden has a fat bank account in the Cayman Islands or Switzerland or both.

The way he has handled his termination proves what kind of person he really is.  This reveals the true character of James Comey.  President Trump was right for getting rid of this guy.

One has to wonder how much he charges for his statements.  I am sure his price is high for he knows this is his chance to make big money.

I wonder how long it will take for James Comey to fade off into history.  I hope not too long for he has to know that no intelligent deplorable believes anything he says.  We know he is full of sour grapes and is just lashing out any way he can.   The media is also a big joke that intelligent people make fun of.  What a shame to be calling yourself a journalist during these times.  Looney Tunes is more informative.

Comey is spreading the poison of the Democratic Party that hates America and hates the freedom that America stands for.  It is a shame that the Democrats and some Republicans want to destroy the Presidency and America along with it.

President Trump is presumed guilty from the beginning.  He is disrespected and his family is attacked repeatedly.

Meanwhile Middle American families are still suffering while the elected officials are playing bullshit political games.  The politicians are not suffering as they continue to get their contributions.

The big question is will America survive the attack of the Democratic Party on the Presidency?  Clearly they don’t care what kind of country is left for your children, you better really think about that.