For the sake of our country; please read this.  For the sake of freedom and those souls who have given their life for us to have it; please continue.  For the rule of law and the belief that no one person has more power than the law and no one person is above the law that you and I must abide by.  And lastly; when you are doing the people’s business you will keep your business separate.  You will not place your country in a compromising condition because you compromised the most basic ethical behavior using high priced lawyers to skirt the intent of the law.

I am no conspiracy theory wacko.  I will tell you though that with human behavior and human decision making, things do not happen without a reason.  We might never know the real reason people make the decisions they do, but there is a reason.

I want to expand on what I said in my earlier post about the Clinton foundation and what Hillary should have done and didn’t.  The following is just a theory of mine and you can do with it what you wish.  Just me and my thoughts, on some of the whys associated with the Clinton foundation.

Why did Hillary accept appointments from foreign business leaders and government officials that donated over 100 million dollars to the Clinton foundation while she was Sec. of State?  Many of these countries are Muslim countries I might add, many produce oil.  Bill and Hillary both suffer from ATL syndrome, and they have for all their political careers.  ATL or Above the Law syndrome is a self-perpetuating syndrome that requires massive amounts of cash to remain active.  Cash that allows them to pay huge legal fees to skirt the intent of a law or agreement and not be held accountable as you and I would be.  Well, what are the Clinton’s selling?  Do they have factories or manufacturing facilities?  I am not aware of any.  Their main product is influence they have over our government’s policies towards the people contributing to their foundation.  Isn’t this a conflict of interest?  Isn’t this illegal?  Well of course it is if you can prove it and if you are investigated.

Does anybody out there think that Barack Obama is going to order an investigation?  Does anybody think Attorney General Lynch will?  What about the F.B.I.?  This will not happen and that is really sad because by them allowing this to occur with no consequences is them turning a blind eye to the very institution they took an oath to uphold.  To me this means their oath to God and Country is for sale just as the influence that Bill and Hillary appear to be selling.  What a sad day for our country.  I don’t care whether you are a Republican or Democrat doesn’t this make you just a little sick in your stomach?  Also, it is right in your face.  The Clinton’s are practically saying: “I’m doing this and I say it is right so it is right and oh by the way so does the President and Attorney General. And furthermore, if you call us out on it you are a racist, baby killing, scum sucking mongrel dog and we will publicize this through the media we own; so have a good day.”  And there you have it ladies and gentlemen, the new America, you gotta love it.

Why does Hillary put herself here?  ATL syndrome; and she wants the money.  Why? Because money is power.  The gorilla in the room is what is she selling to get the money?  What policies to favor these foreign governments did she agree to support?  Well, they are secret and they probably will not benefit America.  This is exactly why socialism fails.  Too much power concentrated at the top and a total disregard for the law and ethics.  Law and ethics do not apply to the elite leaders, only to the working class.   Don’t forget that.  Socialism is about control of the middle class not to help you get better.

Hillary’s email scandal.  If it is the Russians doing this, why are they targeting only Hillary?  Forget the fact that she had a non-government server she was using to communicate sensitive material with.  Why are they not attacking Trump and the Republicans as well?  My theory: Somewhere in the bowels of the deals the Clinton foundation cut with people was a Russian deal.  Hillary and the foundation in some way did not deliver on deal the Russians paid for.  So here we are, the Russians said we will show you what happens when you break your word to us.   Evidently she was not worried about the Russians if in fact this is what transpired.   I wonder if she is now.

Why are the Saudis such big contributors to the Clinton foundation?  Well we all know that Barak and the Democratic Party abhor the evil energy business in this country.  They would love to nationalize this industry if they could, just the way Venezuela did.  Oh and by the way, Venezuela is doing awesome now aren’t they?  Back on topic, why the Saudis?  Well, the Saudis live and die on the price of oil.  It’s all they have.  Fracking for oil and gas in America has upset the old supply and demand balance.  Supply has outrun demand and we have low prices.  Obviously, the Saudis and other oil producers don’t care for this.  Enter the Clinton Foundation.  More alleged backroom deals and promises.  Why on earth would Hillary appear in West Virginia, a major coal producing state, and make a speech about shutting down the coal mines and that industry?  What’s up?  Coal still supplies almost 50% of the electricity to our country.  What if Hillary was to get into power and quickly phase out coal?  Or, what if she somehow forbade fracking even on private land?  Would this help return the old supply and demand balance?  Who would benefit from this?  Yes indeed, the Saudis.  You see, as I said before, things happen for a reason.  Follow the money, always follow the money.

Donald Trump is certainly far from perfect.  I am sure there are skeletons in his closet.  Bigger than mine, yes, because it seems the more powerful you are, the larger the skeletons.  But having skeletons compared to what Hillary and the Clinton foundation represent is like comparing a stock tank to the Pacific Ocean.   From my perspective, the Clinton Foundation sold influence for profit at the cost of the security of our nation with a total disregard for the health and well-being of our children and grandchildren.  Activities such as these, rips at the very fabric of our society and the laws that stitch it together.   I can only hope this will weigh on your mind when you cast your ballot in November.