We are truly a nation divided.  The results of the election showed that with 59 million voting for each candidate.  50% for a democratic republic and 50% for socialism.  The Electoral College saved us from socialism.  God Bless our founding fathers for saving us from ourselves.  Of course 50% of you will disagree with me on this and I really cannot understand why.  Well, I do have a good idea why and I wonder whether my blog will be able change your programming.  I have to try, but you have to read and think to give me a chance.

Most of the professors associated with Ivy League schools are liberal.  Hell, most college professors are liberal no matter what league they’re in.  Why?  Because they are idealist and not realist.  They are not functionalist.  They hover over their students with aloofness and spread their idealist ideology as if it is superior to reality.  If you profess reality, you will be criticized, and accused of intellectual inferiority.  This is why many graduates of these institutions, who pay enormous sums of money for their education, graduate and find it hard to accept real world conditions and their cause and effect.  They think in ideal terms and not real terms.

I hope you are still reading because in the next three paragraphs I will attempt to shed a sliver of light onto something that may be transformational to how you view the world around you.  Are you ready?

On February 21, 1848 Karl Marx published the Communist Manifesto.  Later he was joined by Engels to continue the development of the communist mindset.  http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/marx-publishes-manifesto Stay with me now.  The manifesto is hard reading, I know because I read it for a college class.  It’s the proletariats versus the bourgeoisie or the workers who produce things versus the wealthy who own the means of production.  They portray this as a struggle with the worker at the mercy of the owner.  Class warfare.   All through the manifesto it tries to explain what a perfect society would look like.  The manifesto promotes the end of private ownership of property.  It talks about how capitalism relies on consumption for its survival.  Socialism is just a stepping stone to the ultimate society of communism.  Do you see any similarities?

Here is the major flaw of the manifesto.  Nowhere in the manifesto does it tell anyone how to maintain this pure communist society.  How do you enforce or prevent one person from trying to get ahead of the person standing next to them?  How do you prevent someone from trying to provide a better life for their family than the family next door?  Is there a way to keep all people equal and who will judge and how will they judge that all people are now equal?  Do you see the flaw?  Look at communist China, where this is no private ownership of property, do you realize the depth and width of government corruption that exists?  In other words, those allegedly responsible for keeping those in their society equal are themselves enriching themselves from those that are sanctioned by the government to produce goods and services needed by the members of that society.

In other words, when any society allows itself to be transformed into a communist/socialist state then they allow themselves to be placed at the mercy of such a state.  Once in this state, you relinquish all personal freedoms and the only way to improve your way of life is to become a part of the state or government.  Private enterprise and entrepreneurship are lost because it is controlled by the government or there is no reward, thus no interest in pursuing development.  This is why nothing originates in China, only copies or knockoffs.  Do you not see the conflict between the Chinese government and the workers in that society?  Do you now see why President Xi Jinping in China is so hell-bent on at least appearing to end corruption in the government?  Do you see why this type of system will not work? http://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2015/04/xi-jinping-china-corruption-political-culture/389787/

Our system is not perfect, but guess what; as long as we humans are here, there will never be a perfect system.

No matter what anyone tells you, nothing is free.  Someone is paying or doing with less so someone else can receive the benefit.

Nobody owes you a damn thing.  Many have died for us to have the country we have today, a country where you can vote for change.  Your side may not win, but life will go on and if those voted to represent us don’t perform to our satisfaction, then they will be voted out in the next election cycle.

So put down your protest signs, concentrate on bettering yourself, and take advantage of what our freedoms lawfully allow you to do.