The election is over.  The new President has been sworn into office.  What is going on in Washington DC?  Why is Barack Obama and the Democratic Party so determined to undermine the office of the President?  Why won’t they try and do what is right for the country?  From what I am seeing, and many others are seeing, it’s as if since they are not in power, they are hell bent on desroying the country.  Obama and the Organizing for Action committee or the shadow government is well funded, no telling by whom, and it appears their whole purpose is to promote Marxism and increase racial hatred.  Very sad for our country.  This shadow government is causing more harm to our country than Russia ever thought about doing.  Hell, Russia does not have to do anything to destroy us, we are doing a good job ourselves.  

During President Trump’s speech to the joint houses of Congress he said many things that we all can agree on.  He wants to bring back manufacturing jobs to America.  These are jobs with high pay and benefits.

He wants the members of the United Nations to pay what they are supposed to pay.  Why should America pay for those that can, but won’t?  Guess what, have you looked at our deficit lately?  We are in trouble.  That’s a whole other blog.

He wants to enforce the immigration laws that are on the books.  He wants to vet people from countries that are known to have high terrorist activity.  He wants to secure the southern border of our country.  What is wrong with those things?  Can someone explain what the problem is here?  What about it Barack and Dems, you want more of our citizens to die?  You endorse terrorism?

He wants the kisds in inner cities and all across America to have school choice.  Have you looked at the amount of money we have poured into our educational system and how our children continue to drop lower and lower in the literacy, math, and science rankings versus rest of the world?  The public education system is broken.  What is wrong with trying to implement a different system that might get us going in the right direction?  What’s up Democrats you want our children to continue to fall?  Is that good for our country?

Re-building our infrastructure, have you travelled our interstates lately?  I have, and there are many places where the roads are in bad shape and this is only what I could feel and see; I didn’t stop and look under some of the bridges I drove over.  Our airports are old and dated, they need major work to bring us up to world standards.  This will mean real jobs as we embark on this investment in our country.  I guess the Democrats are also against jobs for Americans.

And then there is the Affordable Health Care Act.  Of course it was designed to fail, and it has.  Now what to do?  This is a complex problem but I will say this, the more we can keep the government out of health care; the healthier we will all be.  There has to be competition.  Competition drives efficiency and innovation.

After reading this, please call your Congressman or woman and your Senator and tell them to stay away from this shadow government and start working on issues they agree on.  They need to get moving as our country erodes from inside each day.  If you love your country, make the call.