Barack Obama, Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin, Nancy Pelosi, and Denny Hoyer leaders of the Democratic Socialist Party are promoting violent, offensive and lude protests to sabotage our country.  It has become very evident to those of us who believe in liberty and the rule of law that the Progressive socialist movement wants to end America as we know it today.  They endorse violence, hatred, and promote the destruction of private property all in the name of their cause.  This is the New Democratic Party.

The media is in lock step with the Democratic Party in aiding them to destroy this country.  The media repeatedly reports fake news, exaggerates stories that make our country appear evil, and go out of their way to subjugate the minds of those that will blindly devour their deceptions. 

To those of you who call yourselves Democrats; do any of your leaders actually feel the impact of what they promote?  Do any of the movie stars making their poisonous comments at the various venues they appear in have any skin in the game?  Does any politician have to worry about a terrorist getting to them?  Not gonna happen, why?  Because they have elaborate security protection in their homes and while they are making their appearances.  They don’t live in neighborhoods like you and I do.  Don’t be naïve, be real.  They want to tell you how it should be, but they don’t live how it really is. It is the ultimate hypocrisy

This is why Socialism and Globalism can never hold a candle to liberty and freedom if you can ever get a venue to compare them without bias and prejudice.

The new Democratic Party is the Party of violence, hatred, and hypocrisy.  This is why they lost and will continue to lose power in this country.  Please continue to support the activities that you are now supporting because it solidifies the unity of freedom loving, law abiding citizens of this country.  You are helping our cause and undermining your own.

President Trump, those of us who still work every day and love this country, appreciate the fact that you are indeed a man of your word.  A person we elected that is actually doing what they said they would do.  Mr. President we respect you for it and we are behind you.  Don’t lose the faith or the willpower and we won’t either.  You are doing a damn fine job.

Remember, the best way to prevent a terrorist attack is to prevent the terrorist from entering the country.   Performing more extensive background vetting on people wanting to enter the U.S. from countries identified as harboring terrorist is in our best interest.  Religion has nothing to do with it.  Its business and it is about the safety of our children and our way of life.     

Freedom is Not Free