The Affordable Care Act is failing as designed.  It has accomplished its mission in moving us closer to socialized medicine.  It is a sad day for America that we have reached this point; for when medical care this falls into the abyss of socialism it is a steep slope and a quick slide for the rest of our institutions into socialism. 

People like Obama, Gruber, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are thrilled that we are where we are.  The failure of the Affordable Care Act is creating a crisis by design and the answer is complete government control of health care.  Then the government will decide who gets health care and how much they will get.  If you are a government official you will get better care than those who are not.  They all believe the electorate are stupid and will not know what has happened to them until health care is in the firm grasp of complete government control.  From the look of the direction we are headed they appear to be right.  

Schools have been projecting the unfairness of capitalism to our children for decades.  Liberal educational institutions have polluted the minds of our youth that with government control the playing field will be levelled for all to succeed.  What is so sad is the important fact that is omitted; “The playing field will be levelled only for those the government wants to be successful.”  The wealth from people who the government finds to be obstructionist will be seized and redistributed to those the government approves of.

Some people who are reading this are thinking, well this can’t happen here.  To them I say, it is already happening.  The mentality of “Why should they have so much money and I don’t have enough” is surfacing all around us.  Never mind the fact that those who are successful have worked hard and improved their skills to allow them to be where they are.   The mentality that society owes me something is prevalent throughout America.  This is the socialist dream and means that this society is ready for the conversion to complete socialism.  Look at Venezuela if you want an example of how socialism really works.  I will guarantee you there were millions of people in Venezuela who thought this could never happen here as well.

So here we are, the Republicans have control of everything and it looks as if they cannot stop the socialist train.  It is sad for our country.  The hundreds of thousand men and women that fought, died and were wounded in the World Wars would be saddened that what they fought to defeat, we are now voluntarily converting to.

Socialism allows those in control of the government to control what is created and by whom.  The rewards are controlled by the government.  Creativity is stifled, and competition is nonexistent.  The will to improve and to achieve is smothered in socialism.  Society maintains status-quo at best.

The correct answer is capitalism and competition which creates fertile ground for innovation and entrepreneurship.  Innovators and creators are rewarded and society is improved.   This is what our forefathers founded this country on and this is the reason for our success.  We are very close to losing our freedom and way of life and I can only hope that those who are reading this understand the consequences and pass it on.

Freedom is Not Free