Open border supporters are not looking out for our best interest.  People who are for open borders with no controls simply want the United States to no longer exist as we know it.  But please do not be naïve, for the people who want open borders are the millionaire politicians who do not live in the real world like we do.  They will not suffer any of the negative consequences of open borders because they can live in homes with tight security and high walls surrounding their estates.

Look at what is happening in Europe if you want a look ahead at what will be the United States with open borders.  Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain are all overrun with immigrants.  So much so, that now the common people are revolting because they see that they are losing their way of life and their countries.

This issue, I predict, will end the European Union (EU).  England has already voted to leave the EU when they voted to exit with their Brexit vote.  Italy just elected a conservative leader and Merkel is just about to lose her seat as Prime Minister of Germany.  Guess what is the main driving force for all these shifts in leadership is; illegal immigration.  The liberal leadership has supported open borders for many years and the people have had enough.  But guess what, it is too late because there are tens of million immigrants who are there and have no intention of leaving.

I understand that we have it a lot better than many countries in South America and that there are many people who are looking to better their lives but we cannot help everyone.  We do not have the money and infrastructure to support all who would like to come here.  In case you’ve forgotten we are 21 trillion dollars in debt.  We are in a financial nightmare and not one politician is talking about it.

How about focusing our attention to homeless veterans, homeless families, the mentally challenged who are often homeless, all of whom who are already American citizens.  Just think of all of the current citizens of our country that need help, again we have demands now, that we can’t fill.

This immigration problem is not Trump’s it was Clinton’s; Bush’s, and Obama’s and none of them did anything to fix it.  Trump is trying to address it once and for all and in doing so, secure the southern border, which we must do.  I am so sick of the Fake News media lying to us all because they hate Donald Trump.  They will never give him credit for anything because they are all socialist and mouthpieces for the Democratic Party.

We must have secure borders to protect and preserve our country and we know the Democratic Party will never vote to secure us and their hypocrisy knows no limits.