This government shutdown is not due to any issues regarding immigration.  What it is about is the Democrats diverting attention away from how the Obama administration allegedly weaponized the NSA, the Justice Department, and the F.B.I. to subvert the election process of the United States of America.  Believe me, it was not Russian collusion at work, but rather our own power hungry politicians.  Memos about this abuse were made available for House Intelligence committee members to read this week.  What they read is reported as being horrific for our country.  Yet more abuse of power by the Obama Democratic administration.

This blog is the most important blog I have ever written and the allegations, if true, spell the end of our democracy.  If you are reading this please do not take this lightly.  I don’t care what party you are a member of, this will end our country if it is not addressed.

What separates us from socialist countries and dictatorships is that we have a government with divisions of power complete with checks and balances to prevent any one branch of government from becoming too powerful and ignoring the rule of law.  This form of government is also supposed to prevent any political party or special interest from using any federal agency as a weapon to further their cause by either circumventing Congress or unfairly enforcing the law in a prejudicial manner.

During the Obama Democratic administration the Internal Revenue Service was weaponized against Tea Parties across America as they sought tax free status.  Their applications were ignored, or they were served with unfair requests for information that other political action organizations were not required to provide.  In many cases, their applications were denied and they never received tax free status.  This is a prime example of weaponizing a federal agency for political ends.

Now, even more abuse of power appeared to have occurred during the previous Democratic administration.  It appears as if the previous Democratic administration weaponized the National Security Administration, The Justice Department, and the F.B.I. in an effort to usurp the will of the American people by unfairly influencing the previous Presidential election.  I hope people reading this understand the gravity of this abuse and lawlessness of the Democratic Party.  This means that they will stop at nothing to try and remain in power.  The rule of law and our freedoms mean nothing to them.  The only thing that matters to Democrats is turning America into a communist country where a centralized government will control everything about your life and your children’s lives.

The Democrats knew these memos were to be released this week.  They knew the information they contained is damning for their Party.  Chuck Schumer and Pelosi knew they had to divert attention away from these memos and onto something else, hence the government shutdown.  Notice how none of the media is covering these memos.  No surprise there, for the days of getting unbiased information from journalism has long been over in America.

I hope these memos will be made public so that those of us who still read and understand freedom will get a look at the extreme abuse used by the Democratic Party and President Obama.  I hope when all these are made public, changes are enacted to never allow this to happen again.  I further hope that those who abused this power are prosecuted and sent to prison so that it will deter those in the future from committing such abuses.  For you see, these abuses can occur no matter who is in political control.

I encourage you to contact your Congressman and Senators and get these memos released.  They must know we are watching and care about the rule of law.