Freedom is about to die and it is so sad.  What is really sad is how many Americans think socialism can really fulfill its promises when it never has no matter where in the world it has been tried.

Socialism preys on those who believe there is enough wealth held by the elites that can be confiscated by the state, to pay for what they desire.  They really believe the middle class will not have to help pay for things like free college education, forgiving student loans, free health care, and free child care to name a few.

You have to remember this because it is the essence of the truth: Do you really believe that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are going to support legislation that would take money from the very people that contributed huge sums of money to get them elected?  I assure you they will not.  These same elites will be given tax shelters by Joe and Kamala that you and I will never hear about nor qualify for.  The fact of the matter is that you and I will pay more for everything in our lives.

Fuel, clothing, food, transportation, and whatever else crosses your mind will increase in price either by taxation, or harmful legislation meant to raise funds.  This will indeed lower your standard of living.

If you are working, prepare yourself to pay at least 50% of your income to the federal government and yes, you will still have to pay state income and property taxes.  I know many of you reading this don’t believe it, but the money must come from somewhere.

Socialism will be the end of small businesses.  It simply will not be profitable for them to operate.  Walmart, Target, Lowes, Home Depot, and huge conglomerates will survive but you will pay more and wait longer for inferior services, and there will be few alternatives.

There are far more negatives I could write about but what good would it do?  The socialist’s long term plan to insert their beliefs via public education and more recently social media has finally come to fruition.  There are more people in America that believe in socialism than there are those that understand it for what it really is; a failed ideology.

Blogs like mine will surely disappear as will all other media that does not find favor with the state.

The last light of freedom is about to be extinguished.  What a sad time for America and the world.