What’s the problem with putting America first?  Can anyone give me a logical explanation as to why anyone living in their country would not want to take care of their country first?  Does anyone really believe that one country will just take it on the chin so another country can get ahead?  If you really believe that then you are very naïve.

I listened to some of the CPAC speech that President Trump recently made.  It was a long speech and he covered a lot of ground during the speech but one of the things he mentioned was that for too long politicians and others have sacrificed the best interests of America while all along lining their own pockets.  He said these times are over while he is President.  There was nothing wrong with this; however, CNN actually compared what he said to what Hitler said when he was building his party in Germany.  This is a complete smear and shows the lower mentality of the news media in our country. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/cnn-analyst-biden-institute-adviser-calls-trump-nazi-like-for-echoing-2011-biden-heritage-comment

There is no more journalism in America today.  What you have today is a socialist news media in lock step with the Socialist Democratic Party.  You have ill-informed low intelligent people writing articles and making statements to an audience of equal intelligence.  How many times does socialism have to fail before people finally accept that “Hey, socialism really doesn’t work.”

An even bigger problem is how corrupt our legal system has become with non-elected officials attempting to overthrow a Presidential election because who they supported did not win.  This is a real crisis for our country.  When people have no faith in the juris prudence system in America it is the beginning of the end of our country.  This corruption ran deep in the FBI and Justice Department during the Obama administration.  The following article explains how deep and dangerous this corruption was.  https://amgreatness.com/2019/02/21/the-greatest-constitutional-crisis-since-the-civil-war/

And now last but certainly not least is the openly socialist Democratic Party; however now they appear to be waking up to the fact that socialism is not as popular with the average American as they thought.  So now, they are starting to re-evaluate their strategy in revealing their true socialist beliefs and are disguising their intentions by backing away from their previous promises.  Please don’t be fooled by this.  Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Ocasio Cortez, Joe Biden, and Cory Booker are all socialist and want to turn America into a socialist country.  If you have an opportunity to associate with young people please take the time and bring up how blessed we are to live in a free society where the Constitution guarantees us freedoms that no other country on earth enjoy.  These freedoms were secured by our forefathers that risked everything they had so they could form a free society that we still enjoy.

Freedom is fragile and is easily lost.  Socialist understands that freedom must be taken in small bites so as not to arouse the defenses of the people.  They understand that taking freedom must be disguised as a benefit to the people and that the loss of a freedom will benefit them more than keeping it.  Nothing helps a socialist more than an apathetic populace.  Socialist thrives on an electorate that is too busy to watch and read what they are proposing.

I write these things in hopes of making people aware of what is happening to our country.  I worry that our country is slipping away to be lost forever.  I promise you there is absolutely nothing wrong with putting America first and if you ever hear a politician say otherwise you must question them and ask them why not.