There is no crueler tyranny than that which is perpetuated under the shield of law and in the name of justice. Charles de Montesquieu

This is exactly what occurred during the Obama Presidency regarding what was done to the Trump campaign.  If you are a civics teacher or a political science professor you should be directing your students attention to what appears to be the worst abuse of power in our nation’s history.  I don’t care how liberal or conservative you are, I just want you to look and learn so you understand how power can corrupt.  I want you to see the value of the balance of power and what happens when you lose that balance.  I want you to understand the value of equal yet independent branches of government, the Executive, Judicial, and the Legislative branches.

All indications are pointing to the fact that the Obama administration planted a spy in the Trump campaign.  This is President Obama weaponizing the FBI to inflict harm on now President Trump’s administration.  I wonder if this was the “insurance policy” that Peter Strzok referred to when he was texting Lisa Page.  Ladies and gentlemen the things that were done in this matter are horrific for our Republic.  I know Barrack Obama was the first African American President, but that does not make him holy and it certainly does not make him exempt from the rule of law and the Constitution.

You then have the Clinton campaign buying the fake Steele dossier and then handing this over to John McCain who turned it over to the FBI.  Everyone knows how much John McCain hates President Trump.  Then you have the Justice Department taking this unverified dossier to FISA judges and gaining authorization to wiretap Trump campaign workers not once, not twice, but five different times.  Of course Loretta Lynch was heading the Justice Department at the time and we all know about the tarmac meeting her and Bill Clinton had as they reminisced about their grandchildren; yeah right.

Then a special counsel is appointed with a scope who knows how big, based on information that was more than likely obtained illegally from a spy implanted in a campaign where no evidence of a crime existed.  The spy was implanted for purely political purposes to try and find dirt to damage the Trump administration should he get elected.

Where is the press on this?  They are out to lunch because they are all liberal and absolutely cannot fathom the fact that Obama abused power the way he did.

Do you see the danger here?  This is exactly what happens in Socialist regimes where there are no independent branches of government, where there are no laws that limit the power of government, where the government can be used to crush those that oppose it or those that voice their disapproval of its tactics.

Now, the million dollar question, can our government as corrupt as it seems to be, investigate itself?  I don’t know.  Right now, I don’t see it happening, instead, they are still hung up performing an investigation that was illegally justified by the FBI and the Justice Department. The more that is revealed on how this this Russian investigation was justified the more nervous I get and I really believe there is more yet to be discovered.  The abuse here is unbelievable.

If you are reading this I implore you to contact your Congressman or woman, and your Senator and just paste this in an email to them:

For the sake of our Republic will you please investigate how the FBI and the Justice Department were weaponized during the last Presidential election?  Upon completion, please put safeguards in place that will prevent this from ever happening again.  This is important to restore my belief that our Republic is based on law and order that we are all equally subjected to.  If we don’t have this we will face certain societal decline as the rule of law diminishes until we have none and when that occurs we will descend into anarchy.