Beware of the Democratic Party.  If you love America, freedom, and individual liberty you need to use your vote to prevent the Democrats from taking control of the House or Senate.

Should they ever control either, they will do their level best to impeach President Trump.  They have made this perfectly clear.

They will try and roll back the tax reductions that are bringing jobs back to America.  Why would they do this you ask?  Read the next statements very carefully then read them again.  The Democratic Party does not want individuals to succeed.  It is more important that the state succeed at the expense of the individual.  The state must control and distribute the resources as it sees fit.  Those that control the state will use all the powers of the state to stay in power and control all aspects of the individual. The laws that govern the individual will not apply to those that control the power of the state.    This is what the Obama administration did with the IRS, the FBI, and the Justice Department.  This is what the Democratic Party wishes would come to pass again.  Do not take this lightly, it is very serious.

They had this power and lost it thanks to the election of Donald Trump; and they hate it.  They were on the verge of transforming our Republic into a Marx style regime.  Each time a Democrat is elected it should strike fear in your heart as we are one step closer to communism.  Well you say, that might be a little extreme, and I say to you that is exactly what the people of Venezuela said and look at them now.  The same can happen here.

Have you read or listened to what the Democrats are proposing?  Guaranteed monthly income for all, free college for everyone, universal free health care and how are they going to pay for this? They will confiscate your 401K and pension, that’s how.  Everything you have worked for and saved will become property of the state.  Private property ownership will come to an end.  This should scare you if you are working and trying to do the right thing.

I cannot stress enough the importance of the midterm elections.  We must elect Constitutional Conservatives who believe in the freedom of the individual.  We must elect people like ourselves who are trying to do the right thing by preserving our Republic so our children and grandchildren will know freedom and cherish it.

We are the last free country on this earth and we are barely holding on.  There are many forces trying to extinguish our freedom such as the Democratic Party, the liberal media, our educators who are mostly liberal, and many of our so called allies who are far left of center.  It is up to us; the deplorables, who love freedom to save our country.

I implore you to vote in the midterms.  Do not let the Democrats take over and impeach our President.  Do not let the Democrats achieve power and destroy our way of life.