Peace on the Korean Peninsula is a real possibility thanks to the leadership of President Trump.   The Korean War ended in July of 1953 when an armistice created the Korean demilitarized zone along the 38th parallel. What is interesting is that there was never a declaration of peace that either North or South signed, so technically they are still at war and have been since the 1950’s.

Without a doubt China played a huge role in moving North Korea towards this moment.   Why now would China do this?  They did it because they realized that the decades of appeasement by America were over.  Now, with President Trump, America has a President that walks his talk.  He has strong convictions and if he says he will do something he will do it.  The last thing that President Xi Jinping of China wanted was an armed confrontation between North and South Korea.  There would be no way China would benefit from that.

I am sure when Kim Jon UN recently went to China and met with Xi Jinping; Xi gave UN a history lesson.  I am sure that somewhere in that conversation Xi pointed out China’s success since “modernized Communism” has been in effect since the end of Mao Zedong’s rule of China.   This revelation occurred during the Nixon presidency when he “opened up” China to the western world.  Xi probably pointed out to UN that North Korea could be more successful by allowing limited capitalization of his economy but still maintain control of his people via strict government controls over things like the internet and all media both printed and televised.  In other words, use China as a model to change North Korea.

Make no mistake about it, China is a communist country and the state still controls almost every aspect of its citizen’s lives but there are limited amounts of capitalism that exist mainly in the bountiful black market trades and bartering  that exist in the Chinese economy.

Again, I would not be writing this piece were it not for President Trump standing up for his beliefs and putting America’s interest first.  Kudos to him for potentially changing the history of the world and bringing peace where there has been none for 65 years.

What is a real shame is the liberal media and Democrats hate Trump so much they refuse to give him credit for achieving what no American President has been able to do for decades.