Yet another revelation in the Clinton campaign.  Another scandal.  This describes the entire public life of the Clintons.  It started in Arkansas and has never really ended.  Over 30 years of skirting and breaking the laws that you and I have to abide by.  Is this what we want as the President of our country?  It is disgraceful. 

The Clintons represent everything that is wrong with American politics.  They do not believe they have to abide by the laws that the common people have to.  They believe their money and power exempts them from law and order.  They can lie, cheat, steal, and peddle their influence to benefit themselves and their supporters with no regard for the law and they are in your face with it.  They just don’t give a damn.

Do you understand why the FBI re-opened the investigation?  I would almost bet money that what they found on Huma’s computer was damning.  It was so bad that if Comey would not have come forward he would be facing a mutiny from his agents.  He knew this.  His agents already felt disgraced from how he handled the initial investigation.  The FBI is a proud organization.  They pride themselves in honesty, integrity, and enforcing the law above all else.  This is their life mission and they take it seriously.  I am very proud of the agents that we don’t see every day, they are the true heroes.  Like the middle class, they are the backbone of this country.

Is Donald Trump a vestal virgin?  No he is not, but he does respect the law.  He has had to live by the law his whole life because he has been on the outside not on the inside like the Clintons.  I understand how many of you out there don’t like Trump’s personality.  He is brash, arrogant, and sometimes speaks before he thinks.  He is this way because he has always been able to be this way.  If elected, he will learn to be different.  He has already improved from where he began.  I will tell you this, no matter how you feel about him personally; he is much cleaner than Hillary Clinton.

The Clintons need to retire from political life.  They need to let the country heal and move on to more important issues that we are facing.  Scandal will always be with the Clintons because they are dirty.  They need to do what is right and move on so we can move on as a country.