I started this blog because I was worried about my country; our country.  I am still worried.  What is most distressing is that we are so divided that our elected leaders cannot lead.  I don’t care if you are a Democrat or Republican, you have to see that we are paralyzed.  Do you politicians understand who you are really destroying?  The American dream for American families is who you are destroying.  Are you so shallow that you can’t see this?

Both political parties are so worried that the other side will look better that they do, nothing happens but political postering.

I was sitting in an airport this week and they were broadcasting some news network and it was sickening.  First a Democrat would speak and say the Republican was lying then the Republican would speak and call the Democrat a liar.  Then the news anchor would chime in with utter nonsense to fill in the void.  On and on it went until I moved to another area where I could not hear the noise pollution.  All this segment dealt with was a subject that had absolutely no worth to our country whatsoever.  The purpose was just so people could be entertained with who was the most creative in calling the other person a liar.

What’s really sad is that other countries watch this and laugh as they know the United States is truly going nowhere.  They know we are travelling further and further down the path of meaningless lost opportunities.  What is it going to take for our leaders to put America first again?  What is it going to take to get our elected leaders to lead and get us moving and out of the quicksand we are now in?

We need to get away from leading from sound bite to sound bite.  Stop leading from the headlines.  How about actually legislating and passing bills that help the people of America?

I am telling you, people that work and pay taxes are sick and tired of the rhetoric from Washingtion.  We are sick and tired of seeing the national debt continue to spiral upward knowing that someday we will have a catastrophic failure as a result.  We are sick and tired of nothing happening that helps us; the working class, the middle class.

The midterms are almost upon us; time is short for leadership and time is short for America.