I was sitting in a business this week and two people sitting close to me were having a conversation about the election.  One was a Hillary fan and the other was just listening.  I did not inject myself into their conversation, I too just listened.

It was amazing to me how much the Hillary fan was ignoring what we know about Hillary’s lawlessness.  They were busy bashing Trump while painting Hillary as a knight in shining armor.   It was incredible to listen to.  I was thinking to myself, “I wonder how many other people out there think the same way”.  It made me sad for our country.

I hope anyone that is reading this understands that Hillary and the people who are financially providing support for her do not have the best interest of our country in their heart.  They want the government to have more control over your life.  They want to turn this country into a socialist country.   If you have money now, or hope to have in the future they plan on taking it and giving it away how and to whom they see fit.   This is the truth, do not be fooled.

In the last debate, Chris Wallace finally asked Hillary about the Clinton Foundation and the pay for play allegations.  She did not answer the question.  Why?  Because she can’t.  It is horrific the amount of scandal that is involved here.  You and I would be in jail.  Why isn’t she in jail?  Because she can hire expensive lawyers we can’t.   Look at what was done to Martha Stewart.  She was an angel compared to what Hillary has done.

Benghazi, she lied face to face to the American families whose family members she let die over there.  This is the type person we are dealing with.  Do you understand how cold that is?

She intimidated the women that Bill Clinton sexually assaulted to keep quiet.  These women were and are afraid for their lives.  Do you really believe she cares about women more than Trump?  Please don’t be fooled.

She says she wants to grow America from the middle while at the same time she is taking huge donations from big Wall Street donors, and George Soros.  These people own her.  Do you think they give a damn about the American middle class?  Again we do not see the real Hillary.  Please think about this.

The purpose of Keep US Great is to promote freedom, our constitution, and the rule of law.  Once these are lost, they will be lost for generations and possibly forever.  We need to correct our course with this election, it is imperative that we do so.