Donald Trump seems to bring controversy with him wherever he goes. Perhaps, it’s because he’s not a politician, and he’s running for the biggest political office in the United States. Many people claim to have a handle on what Trump thinks about the issues. We went to the source, his campaign website. Donald doesn’t mince words about the issues. If you have any questions, visit

The Establishment

Donald Trump says that the media, the special interests, the lobbyists and the donors run other politicians’ campaigns. He was self-funded during the primaries and beholden to no one. Donald Trump only owes it to the American people to do a great job as President of the United States. He wants to win for the country, for the people of the United States of America and take the country back from the special interests which he feels are currently running the show.

Trade War

Donald Trump recognizes that when people say his policies could lead us into a trade war, they might be on to something. However, Mr. Trump feels we’re really in a trade war already because we’re losing so much to other countries. In fact, we’re losing billions of dollars to other countries like China and Japan. Donald Trump wants to keep companies in the United States. Right now, it seems like every big corporation wants to leave. We’ve already lost so many organizations to overseas markets where labor and taxes are cheaper. As a result, we’re losing millions of jobs and thousands of companies. Donald Trump believes if we tax goods coming in from companies who left, they’d be more reluctant to leave. He’s proposing a 35% tax on their goods which will give American-made products an even chance in the marketplace.

Donald Trump on Making Deals with Congress

Despite what his opponents say, Donald Trump believes in unity. He wants to see the Republican Party and everyone get together and unify. He believes that America will be unbeatable when it’s unified. He realizes that it takes common sense and personality to work with different sides. You have to be able to size up your opponents and find common ground. He has done this in business and knows he can do this as President of the United States of America. He will make great deals for our country by bringing people together. He wants Congress to come together to take care of the American people. He wants government to get out of the way so business leaders have the freedom to improve the economy. He also wants to work on corporate tax reform in order to make America great again.

Law Enforcement Respect

According to Donald Trump, the police in our country do not get the respect they deserve. Our law enforcement officers deserve our appreciation for the incredible job they do. They’re just not appreciated. They do an incredible job. We have to give them more authority and more respect because we need them to have a safe and prosperous nation. Americans need to realize this and give law enforcement its due. Under a Trump presidency, this will happen.

Competent Leadership

America needs strong leadership. Politicians can talk, but they often don’t get things done. Talk is cheap. Donald Trump has a strong track record of success, and, when elected, he will do what he has promised to do. He will be a smart president and a great leader. America doesn’t need what we have now. If Donald Trump is elected, he’ll do a truly great job as President of the United States.

Drug Epidemic

If elected POTUS, Donald Trump will create true borders, to keep illicit drugs from pouring in from other countries.  He uses New Hampshire as an example and says that it has a tremendous drug epidemic. The drugs are pouring in from outside the United States, and people are begging him to fix the problem. President Trump will create borders and build a wall and put the security forces in place to greatly reduce the flow illicit drugs from other countries. He will also put in place programs to help the people who are currently addicted to drugs.

Live Free or Die

Live Free or Die is not just the motto of New Hampshire. President Trump will co-opt it for the entire nation to follow. It means so much to so many people. “Live free or die” is about liberty, freedom, free enterprise, safety and security, borders, a strong military, and taking care of our veterans. It’s a lifestyle we will follow as a nation when Donald Trump is elected president.

Donald Trump on the Second Amendment

As he says, politicians are trying to chip away at the 2nd Amendment. He will not let them take away America’s guns. The Second Amendment has been getting weaker. He will make it strong again and he promises to go on protecting what has been called Americas First Freedom.

Political Correctness

Being politically correct takes too much time and energy. It’s part of the problem in this country and prevents us from getting things done. As Donald says, “we have too much to get done.” It’s just too much effort to stay politically correct. We have to sacrifice political correctness for action. We have to get things done.


Donald Trump self-funded his primary campaign so he doesn’t owe anything to lobbyists and special interests. He will not be working for them like other politicians. No. Donald Trump will be working for America and America’s interests. He will bring in the greatest negotiators and smartest operators to Washington, DC to fix America’s problems. He knows the best people. He doesn’t have to deal with the donors or the lobbyists. He’ll have the greatest negotiators in the world handling all the countries ripping us off. They will bring jobs back and bring manufacturing back. With Donald Trump as President of the United States, we will not be the patsies of the world anymore.

Donald Trump on Illegal Immigration

If we don’t have borders, we don’t have a country. We need to BUILD A WALL that will keep illegal immigrants out. It’s going to be a great wall. It will do what it’s supposed to do – keep illegal immigrants out. We will let people come in legally, and we will treat them fairly. However, we have to stop the inflow of illegals coming in. It has to be stopped now.

Unifying the Nation

A Trump presidency will unify and bring our country back together. We will be unified, we will be one, and we will be happy again. Our country is so divided right now. There is so much hatred between people and factions. We have so many problems. Our current leadership is divisive. Trump says one of his strengths is that he gets along with people, despite what his critics say. He will bring America back together. We will be one.


Donald Trump will end the common core. It’s a disaster. He believes in education, but it has to be regulated at a local level. We can’t have the bureaucrats in Washington, DC telling you how to educate your children. Currently, we spend more per pupil than anyone in the world, but we are 28th in education. Third World countries are ahead of us. It’s a travesty. Education will be an absolute priority.

The Military

As our president, Donald Trump will make our Military so big, powerful and strong that no one will mess with us. We’ll take care of our veterans and get rid of ISIS and get rid of them fast.


Trump makes a big statement here – he says he will be the greatest job-producing president in American history. Donald Trump mentions his history with job creation stating that he has created tens of thousands of jobs for our country. Mr. Trump loves creating jobs and helping people. Donald Trump loves giving people jobs. He feels there’s nothing better to help people and their families than giving them jobs.

Life-Changing Experiences

America has been great to Donald Trump so he wants to be great to America. He wants to put us back on the right course and Make America Great Again! It takes a lot of courage to run for president especially if you’re not a politician which Donald Trump is not. He says he’s met so many people who want to be part of government. They want to do so much to help. People care about this country, and Donald Trump wants them to have a country worthy of that care.

Donald Trump on the Economy

We are currently $19 trillion in debt as a nation and it’s only growing. This is a crushing burden to leave young Americans. Donald Trump feels that with his tax plan, with everyone’s taxes going down, we can conquer the national debt. The debt is unfair. We are not going to leave our next generation with such a burden.

If you want more information on Donald Trump’s stance on the issues, there are many websites you can go to. We know we didn’t discuss all the issues that are important to Americans and to Mr. Trump. We wanted to stick to the issues that Mr. Trump feels most passionate about. These are the ones he’s commented on himself on his website. The media hasn’t always represented Donald Trump’s viewpoints accurately. Now, for more information on Making America Great Again, we invite you to check out our website here at .