Things have certainly changed.  Never in my lifetime did I ever expect to see a socialist as the candidate for the Democratic Party for the President of the United States.  The fact that this happened should really scare you.  Are we on the verge of losing our hard fought freedom to socialism?  Do people really understand socialism?  Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party are socialist.  They hide behind the name of progressives, but that is merely a name change.

Any business, person, or entity that has to change its name to try and disguise what they really are, you should strongly doubt their true intentions.  In the case of Hillary, she knows that socialism carries a bad stigma so her and her party has re-named themselves.  Please don’t be fooled by this.

If you will just read a little further I will try and tell you why it is vital that we keep our freedom and capitalism. Once we lose them we will never get them back.  I will not bore you, and I will not be long.  This is how Merriam-Webster defines socialism: a way of organizing a society in which major industries are owned and controlled by the government rather than by individual people and companies.  This pretty much tells it like it is.  A huge centralized government that is extremely powerful that controls the means of production.  No longer do the free markets rule.  The government will control what you watch on TV; listen to on the radio, read in the paper and on and on.  You think your education is free; think again, because your labor will be a property of the state until the state thinks your debt is paid in full.  You will work where they say, do what they say, and they will pay you what they determine is correct.  So if you are very talented in your field you will make the same as someone who is average or below average.  Welcome to socialism.  Welcome to Hillary’s new America.

Let’s talk about Health Care.  The ultimate goal for progressives is to get America on a single payer health care system.  What does that mean?  It means that the government will now control the health care system from top to bottom.  They will decide what fees doctors will be paid for their services.  They will decide what hospitals can charge for their services.  They will decide who will get treatment and who will not.  If you are young and can still contribute to the state, you will get preferential treatment, if you are old and a cost to the state you will be on the bottom of the treatment priority list.  Will they tell you this?  Hell no they won’t.  They want you to believe that everyone will get everything they want and it will be the best and it will be free or cost very little.  This is a fantasy; do not buy into this lie.  I know because I have seen how the health care system works in China.  It is a single payer system.  Personal example: My mother-in-law had an aneurism that required surgical repair.  The family took her to the hospital where they stabilized her.  The hospital had no neuro-surgeon.  Luckily, a well renowned surgeon was located at a hospital near her city.  The family contacted him and paid him to evaluate mother.  The surgeon was going to be paid what the state usually pays for this surgery.  Of course, it takes more than that.  Long story short, the family paid him 40,000 U.S. dollars to perform the surgery.  In Chinese dollars that’s 250,000.00.  For the average Chinese, that’s about 8 years of their annual pay.  Oh yeah, the hospitals do not serve food and there are no private rooms.  The family brought food to mother every meal and someone stayed with her 24 hour a day to make sure she got proper care.  That is what Hillary and her single payer system wants for you.  The big question is do you really believe Hillary and other government officials will receive this type of treatment?  Not no, but hell no.  That’s the problem will progressivism.  The leaders get much better treatment than the common citizen.  So you might think you have it bad now, you haven’t seen anything yet.  Please wake up and believe what I write here.

Capitalism promotes innovation.  Why, because innovation promotes consumption.  Consumption requires manufacturing and this creates jobs and profits for companies and individuals.  This profit fuels innovation and the cycle starts again.  That is a very basic model for the way capitalism functions.  The free market rewards innovators that create goods and services people want and those that don’t perform well, don’t stay in business.  Progressives want to control what is innovated.  They want to control how much will be paid for all goods and services.  If you are connected with the progressives in power you will be rewarded regardless or not if your product is worthy.  There may be a better quality product available from somewhere else but it will not be allowed to compete with the progressive protected business.  This is why there is no product that originates from China.  China copies what the rest of the world innovates.  That is why they’re products are not of the same quality.  Welcome to progressivism.  Who reaps the benefits from this system?  Well the progressive leaders of course.  Not the common person or the business owner or the family of the business owner.  So when Hillary and her buddies tell you they really care about the common person, do not believe this, all they really care about is gaining more power and money at your loss.

Please think about this.  How many people do you see trying to smuggle themselves into Cuba, Venezuela, or China?  Exactly.  So why would you want to adopt progressive policies that would cause us to take several steps down and hurt our children and grandchildren.  You really need to think about this and understand what is at stake.

Freedom is not free.