Let’s talk about illegal immigration.  Take a deep breath, be calm, and read.  First off, we need to forget about sending 11 million or whatever huge number you want to quote back to their home country so they can apply legally.  Guess what, they are here, many are working and working hard to send money home or to survive here.  Many are here in hopes of giving their children a better life than they have now.  The problem is they did not enter the U.S. legally and either we have laws or we don’t.  Either we have a border or we don’t.  My opinion is we must have both, but fairly.

There are 4 major players in the immigration game.  Those 4 are: the illegal immigrant, the politician, the taxpayer, and big business.  The score is this: there is 1 winner, 1 potential winner and 2 losers.  The winners are politicians and big business and the losers are the taxpayers, and the illegal immigrant.

Big business gets cheap labor paying below the normal rate for the job the illegal immigrant is performing and they do not have to pay social security matching funds.  They also do not have to maintain the required employee records that they would for regular employees.  The illegal immigrant has essentially no path to complain about unsafe work practices, any kind of harassment to the EEOC or any other workplace conditions that do not meet the required standard.   All of these realities save those businesses that employ illegals substancial money.  These business owners make huge campaign donations to politicians, Republicans and Democrats to keep the status quo where it is.

The illegal immigrant is trying to make money and send it back home or they are trying to get their family here to get them out of the hell they are living in back home.   I absolutely have no problem with anyone trying to improve their living standard.  I guarantee you there is no way we here in the U.S. could understand what the living conditions are for the illegal immigrants back in their home.  Some of the things that happen to them trying to get here are horrible up to and including death.  There has to be another way, and there is.

The politicians take money from business and then make speeches about enforcing the immigration laws.  What a joke.  Look at our President who is just not enforcing immigration laws that are on the books.  Do you really think Barack Obama gives a damn about illegals and how they are treated?  You better think again.  All he really cares about is that the next generation will vote for his party.  He is ignoring the law, taking in big cash, and laying the groundwork for future votes for the Socialist/ Democratic Party.  He is not the only one; it is also at the state level as well.  It’s all about the money.

And lastly; us, the taxpayer who is paying for everything.  We pay for medical care for illegals with no insurance, more money to build schools, and a host of other programs that we fund.  The list is long.  The burden we bare as taxpayers is huge because these people are in the shadows and cannot function legally in our society.  So when someone tells you the price of things would go up if illegals were not providing cheap labor, think again, you are paying, just in a different manner.

The answer.  The people that are here now must be integrated into the system and pay taxes for the services they might use while they are here. The people wanting to work in the U.S. must have a path to a guest worker program that is not overly complicated and yet still protects our national security.  They must be vetted.  Politicians are talking about it but they must act.  See this article by Paul Ryan on what he is thinking: http://paulryan.house.gov/issues/issue/?IssueID=9970    Businesses that employs guest workers must register them as such and deduct the required money from their pay.  They must keep records.  They do not have to pay into Social Security since they will not receive that benefit.  I am tired of big business enriching themselves at my expense.

Later, if a guest worker decides they want to become a citizen, there is a path for that now.  I know, because I went through the system.  Could it be better, yes it could.  Is it bad now, no it is not.  It does take time and some money.  I went through the system and did it myself with no lawyer.  Believe it or not,  the government does give you detailed instructions on what forms you need and detailed instructions on how to fill them out.  Don’t be in a hurry, it takes time.

If we are ever going to stop illegal immigration then there must be substantial financial penalties for those companies and businesses that do not comply with the guest worker program.  By substantial  I mean should a business be caught employing illegal non registered workers they would be fined 2,000.00 to 5,000.00 dollars a day for each worker for each day they are on the job.  No exceptions and no exemptions.  Remember, it’s all about the money and I am tired of the politicians and big business taking mine.