Politicizing the Pandemic is the Democratic response.  When I see the Nancy Pelosi who tore up the State of the Union Speech on national television attempt to grade President Trump’s response to the pandemic it makes me sick to my stomach.   She had the audacity to grade Trump’s response as an F.  It is my opinion that the whole Democratic Party gets an F in American patriotism, putting Americans first, and in respecting our Constitution.

No nation on earth was prepared for a pandemic of this magnitude.  I am sure pandemics have been discussed in the past by health care professionals across the globe.  I am sure they told their leaders at the time what needed to be done to prepare for such an event.  But guess what, every leader in every country has limited resources.  They must prioritize where they apply the resources they have.  Thank God pandemics are a relatively rare event so I don’t blame any current leader of any country for be less than prepared for this event.

What is most important to me is the response to this event and that we learn so in the future we can be better prepared and have a better response.  President Trump has done an excellent job in my book.  He stopped travel from China very early.  In fact, the Democrats were calling him a racist or a xenophobe for doing this.  You never hear anyone speak of this because they want you to forget this.

The next rant of the Democrats is a lack of tests for the virus.  Well guess what, this is a new virus and there were no tests on the shelf for it.  The test had to be developed and the President and the laboratories across America made that happen.  You can’t just snap your fingers and bingo there magically appears a corona virus test.

These are uncharted waters we are in.  We had a booming economy prior to this and then in basically 1 week we shut it down and told people to stay home to try and prevent the spread and to give professionals time to gather data.  This has never been done before and it took leadership to make that happen.  Like him or not, President Trump has been and is continuing to lead.

Meanwhile the Democrats continue with their mantra never let a crisis go to waste as they try and further their political interests with much needed stimulus bills.  They tried to attach their pet projects to the stimulus bill for example: extending tax credits for solar and wind power generation, tying aid to airlines to gradual reductions on carbon dioxide emissions, and expanding collective bargaining rights for unions.  None of these things has anything to do with virus relief for the American people but everything to do with the Democrats taking advantage of a humanitarian and economic crisis on millions of middle class Americans.

Well we are at a major crossroad now.  We cannot keep America closed much longer or there won’t be an America left.  We are going to have to open America back up.  Yes, people are still going to die from the virus.  If we continue to practice proper personal hygiene such as washing our hands frequently, covering our face when we sneeze, and doing our best to maintain proper distancing we can certainly minimize the number of people that contract the virus.  When more masks are available, we should wear masks when shopping or going out in public and back to work.  In the meantime, we can wear handkerchiefs or homemade facial coverings More masks are in the pipeline and will soon be abundant.

I am sure an antidote for this virus as well as a vaccine to prevent another outbreak in the future is very close to being developed.   These things are being pursued with the upmost urgency.

What we don’t need right now is the Democratic Party and their media hacks spreading more disinformation and bad data to cause panic and uncertainty among hard hit American families.  This virus is sucking the life out of our country.  It is vital we unify around our President as he tries to balance a public health crisis with a potential economic disaster.  This is no easy task and there are no easy choices but some must be made.  We must move forward.

In the coming days ahead I urge you to make good choices, help yourselves by using common sense in what you do and where you go, and prepare yourselves to get America going again.

God Bless You and God Bless America.