America is lost to socialism and communism.  It is very sad that our country has reached the end of its life as the last free country in the world.  Your children and grandchildren will never enjoy the freedoms we have.

The last 8 years of the Obama presidency have finished off America as we know it.  He promoted socialism and implanted people in the bureaucracy to prevent any hope of America remaining a free country.  His ideology of socialism, lawlessness, racism, and a total disregard for our constitution has damaged our country to the point it can never recover.

I promoted Donald Trump because I honestly thought, and still do, that he was the only candidate that could have beaten Hillary Clinton.  He was the only candidate that could get down to the level she was willing to go to win.   I was hoping that if Trump could win, he would have a chance at undoing what Obama did to our country.  I knew that if Hillary won America was for sure dead.

What’s sad is that there are too many Republicans that are socialist and too many that refuse to support the President.  They bravely cast votes when the votes don’t count, but when they do count their socialist beliefs surface and we see their true face.  President Trump cannot save our country by himself.

Very soon we will have a single payer government controlled health care system.  The government will decide who lives and who dies.  This is the dream of Democratic Party. 

Very soon we will lose freedom of speech and the right to bear arms.  The very same Republicans that are undermining our President will side with Democrats to take these freedoms away from us.  They must do this to silence the opposition and prevent resistance to the loss of freedom.

You can try and contact your Congressman and Senator but I honestly don’t know if it would do any good.  They have sold us and freedom down the river to the sewer of socialism.